Main dish

Meat pierogies

Cabbage and mushrooms pierogies
Spinach and feta pierogies
Lentil pierogies
Cheese and potatoes pierogies
Potatoes and onion pierogies
Meat croquette
Cabbage and mushrooms croquette
Lentil croquette
Spinach and egg croquette
Grilled sausage
Hunter stew "bigos"
Roasted pork with plums

Pork Chop breaded
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Chicken breast Cutlets breaded
Stufted cabbage in tomato sauce
Baked salmon
Baked chicken wings
Potato pancakes
Beef stew


Polish beet soup
Ukrainian Borscht
Rye soup

Pickles soup
Pea soup
White bean soup
Sauerkraut soup
Chicken with noodles broth
Soup "chłodnik" (beets cold)
Cauliflower soup
Spinach soup
Leek Soup
Tripe soup
Stroganoff soup

Salads and Sandwiches

Ham sandwich
Cheese sandwich
Egg Salad Sandwich
Sandwich with chicken ham
Salami sandwich
Sausage sandwich
Smoked salmon sandwich
Vegetables salad
Leeks salad
Potato and egg salad
Fruits platter
Tray of vegetables with dip
Spring salad
Sauerkraut salad
Dill pickles
Fresh cucumber salad "mizeria"
Beet salad
Celeriac salad
Fruit salad
Red cabbage salad

Catering for all budgets and all occasions


Cheese cake
Sand Goby
Gingerbread with chocolate
Poppy Strudel
Poppy Cake
Sponge cake
Apple pie (szarlotka)
Ice creams
Jelly with fruits


Cold meat platter
Egg Salad
Fruit and Cheese platter
Shrimp tartlets
Mini salmon sandwich
Mini sausage sandwich
Mini  eggs sandwich
Mini cheese sandwich
Appetizers to vegetables
Meat bites
Fruit/cheese bites
Asparagus wrapped Bacon
Sticks wrapped prosciutto
Toasted garlic bread