Frozen meals
served with potatoes or french fries or rice and cooked vegetables.

* Chicken thighs
* Breaded pork chop
* Pork rissole
* Beef rissole
* Chicken brest cutlet
* Meatballs
* Hamburger
* Rissole chicken
* Beef goulash
* Grilled Polish sausage
* Fried fish
* Escalope of groundfish
* Roast pork with plums

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* Ginger bread

* Cheesecake

* Poppy seeds cake

* Apple cake (szarlokta)

Dear friends, we are proud to present our leading production, pierogies with different flavours.  “Pyza” pierogies are prepared based on the old traditions and unique, regional recipes that were predominantly utilized by our grandmothers and great grandmothers. Maintaining and utilizing the essence of the deep-rooted family traditions we don't use any preservatives neither artificial flavors. The flour that is used for our production is unbleached and of high quality. No MSG!

Our ancestors would be proud of us!

Other frozen products

in continuous sale

* Cabbage rolls
* Meat croquettes
* Croquettes with spinach and egg
* Croquettes with cabbage and mushrooms
* Lentil croquettes
* Grilled Sausage
* Hunter stew "Bigos"
* Roasted pork with plums
* Pork chop breaded
* Meatballs in tomato sauce
* Chicken breast Cutlets breaded
* Soups
* Meatloaf
* Potato pancakes
* Beef stew

(more products coming soon)

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Home made Sauerkraut

in continuous sale

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